The Deccan Odyssey - Journeys

This tour is extensively planned to take you through some world heritage sites, an excellent vineyard, a palatial residence, lions and tigers basking in the glory of sun, sun-kissed beaches, tranquil backwaters and the holy abode of Sai Baba. The train is beautifully built and designed in a contemporary royal style.

You will be delighted with the magnificent interiors, sumptuous meals, expensive wines and personalized services by the khidmatgars, the likes of which you would rarely experience.

Most enjoyable journeys are short lived but long remembered.

These journeys will come to an end at Mumbai, which will mark the onset of your reliving these cherished memories for a lifetime.

Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train Tours

Indian odyssey- Deccan Odyssey
8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: New Delhi, SawaiMadhopur, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Vadodara, Mumbai
Indian Odyssey, a well-planned tour of 8 days and 7 nights, aboard the luxury Deccan Odyssey train, offers you a chance to explore some of the most popular destinations of the north and west India. Along with enjoying impeccable Indian hospitality, visit cities like Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Vododara. The itinerary also includes wildlife safari at the Ranthambore National Park.

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Soul Quest - Deccan Odyssey
3 Days / 2 Nights (Starts from USD 1,070)

Destinations Covered: Mumbai, Shirdi
Soul Quest is a well planned tour of 3 nights and 2 days which will take you on a spiritual trip to the abode of one of the India’s most revered saint-Sai Baba. Shirdi is the home to the most beloved saint in India, Sai Baba. It is one of the most religious place where the devotees of Sai Baba come to catch the glimpse of the place where the Baba lived. The Sai Baba Temple is the only attraction in the Shirdi. There are many rituals and ceremonies that go around the Samadhi and its worth to watch it.

Golden Treasure - Deccan Odyssey
4 Days / 3 Nights (Starts from USD 1,530)

Destinations Covered: New Delhi, Agra, SawaiMadhopur, Jaipur.
Deccan Odyssey has planned a 4 days and 3 night tour. It covers some of the most popular destinations of India. It gives you an experience to explore the magical Mughal city of Agra followed by a rendezvous with the big cats at the very well-known Ranthambore National Park. There will be many attractive sightseeing and shopping areas which will make a memorable journey.

Maharashtra Wild Trail - Deccan Odyssey
8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: Mumbai, Ajanta caves, Nagzira, Tadoba, Aurangabad
Keeping in mind about the love for the animals and parks the Deccan Odyssey has introduced a journey for their guest where they can visit a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. This journey is for 8 days and 7 nights. As we know that Maharashtra is a home to a large number of national park and wildlife sanctuaries. In these national parks the guests will get a chance to see many rare species of flora and fauna. The journey will begin from Mumbai and will take you on an enchanting ride across Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary and Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Spiritual Sahyadri - Deccan Odyssey
5 Days / 4 Nights (Starts from USD 1,800)

Destinations Covered: Mumbai, Nashik, Shirdi
Another interesting journey that is planned by the Deccan Odyssey is known as Spiritual Sahyadri. It is tour for 5 days and 4 nights. It will take their guests to one the 12 Jyotrilingas, Trimbakeshwar temple in Nashik. Trimbakeshwar is a religious center having one of the twelve Jyotrilingas located here is its three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra. Deccan Odyssey will also take their guest through the base of the Shirdi to the popular Dwarkamai mosque in Shirdi and also to te Lord Shani’s shrine in ShaniShignapur to feel the divinity.

INDIAN SOJOURN - Deccan Odyssey
8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: New Delhi, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur, Agra, Sanchi, Aurangabad, Mumbai
Enjoy a mesmerizing and whirlwind tour surpassing exotic locales of North, Central and Western India. The Indian Sojourn showcases the famed golden triangle route – New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Historic gems, architectural marvels constructed by kings and nobles and awesome natural beauty are highlights of these cities. Tour Sawai Madhopur and feel the adrenaline rush that accompanies a safari to Ranthambore National Park; one of the last abodes of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Explore Sanchi, the abode of Buddhist sculpture and monuments. Some of the Stupas at Sanchi are built by the Emperor Ashoka the Great. Further, the amazing Ajanta & Ellora sites are marvels of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain architecture and paintings.

Deccan Odyssey offers some amazing facilities and hospitality to the esteemed visitors. A royal aura always pervades the train’s ambience and state-of-the-art-amenities include fine dining restaurant, high tech conference car for corporate meetings/business endeavours, refreshing health spa, excellent cabins, sitting lounge, etc. An array of awesome services coupled with the astonishing tour will delight visitors’ senses to the utmost extent.

INDIAN SOIREE - Deccan Odyssey
8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: Mumbai, Ajanta Caves, Sanchi, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur, Agra, New Delhi
A lightning journey, which goes by the name of ‘Indian Soiree’, crisscrosses amazing destinations of North, West and Central India. The tour begins from the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai and covers some awesome purlieus, the renowned ‘Ajanta Caves’ which gained prominence due to the Buddhist art and paintings, Sanchi’s globally renowned Buddhist monuments, Sawai Madhopur housing Ranthambore National Park, historic city of Jaipur and the home of Taj Mahal – Agra. Soak in the atmosphere, culture and customs of the myriad places the train travels to.

Exceptional amenities and a dash of royalty are present in every aspect of Deccan Odyssey. These amenities have undergone transformation as with time to keep abreast of modern age requirements. High- tech facilities, air conditioned ambience, highly decorated cabins, sitting lounge, spa services, etc. offer great satisfaction to visitors. Hospitality offered by the train staff and management reminds one of the glorious days of kings and nobles.

8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: Aurangabad – Tadoba Tiger Reserve – Ajanta Caves – Nashik – Kolhapur – Goa – Mumbai
The Deccan Odyssey has created a niche amongst worldwide luxury trains on account of its superlative amenities. Maharashtra Splendor Journey traverses some of the most iconic destinations of the wealthiest Indian state and even tours Goa. This vibrant land is renowned on account of its diversities which range from forts, palaces, hills, historical marvels and virgin beaches. Nature tourism, adventure tourism, Maharasthra’s arts, crafts, heritage and cuisine are some of the tour highlights.

The luxury train comprises of several amenities ranging from lounge, dining cars, health spa, air conditioned interiors and excellent coaches. Furthermore, the coaches offer a nostalgic aura due to their being designed as per the impeccable art of the state’s various dynasties. Come, be a part of this lavish voyage and experience royalty from close corners.

8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: Mumbai, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Sasan Gir, Little Rann of Kutch, Modhera, Ahmedabad, Delhi
Gujarat is a vibrant state filled with abounding natural wealth, picture postcard scenarios, pristine beaches and abundant cultural and historical sites. This journey traverses numerous tourist hotspots inclusive of Vadodara, Sasan Gir, Bhavanagar, Little Rann of Kutch and Ahmedabad. Other attractive places involve the World Heritage setting of Champaner-Pavagadh, various monuments at Palitana and Modhera. Thrilling adventures are part of the visit to the Sasan Gir Wildlife Reserve; the last home of the Asiatic lion.

Deccan Odyssey consists of numerous international amenities inclusive of well furnished and beautifully decorated cabins, multi-cuisine restaurant, well stocked bar, spa facilities, perfect air conditioning, technologically equipped conference cart, etc. A jovial tour is on offer and guests should grab it with both hands.

8 Days / 7 Nights (Starts from USD 5,075)

Destinations Covered: Mumbai, Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal, Hampi, Bijapur, Hyderabad, Mumbai
The enchanting Deccan region invites you to tour its natural splendours, innumerable varieties of flora, fauna, monuments and impeccable cultural heritage. Temples and historical buildings, along with different religious fervours add a beautiful aura to this place. Myriad customs, religions, languages and the whiff of an ancient land drags visitors by hordes. The wheels roll through picture perfect locales of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Opulence, regal grandeur and a superlative experience are the highlights of a tour with Deccan Odyssey. Picture perfect locales, awesome hospitality, royal ambience and highly luxurious interiors are supreme attractions for guests. Guests will enjoy this journey to the hilt as they get a chance to experience diverse cultures.

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“Absolutely excellent wonder full staff service, itinerary,trip. You have made a dream come true for us."
Hannes & Mia Dijkstra, South Africa

“It was as excellent tour with very kind hearted & warm hospitality on board. My family enjoyed and would have to remember sweet journey of Palace on Wheels."
Rajesh Agarwal, UAE

“I loved the train and the chocolates thank you."
Navyaa Agrawal, UAE

“Mr. D.P. Singh & Prahlad served us very well onboard POW both took lat of rain to meet our individual needs."
Mr. Subhashohar, Punjari Bhatt (W)